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 Departing Cairo to Tbilisi

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Departing Tbilisi back to Cairo

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01 Apr 2019 - 28 Jun 2019
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Open Air Market Dry Bridge

Once famous bridge was built by Italian architect and under the bridge river Mtkvari (Kura) was flawing. But in the end of XIX century river-bed was moved and the bridge was left „dry”. Here you can find anything you are searching for: antiquities, old weapon, carpets, jewelry, kitchen utensils and etc.

The Avenue of David Agmashenebeli

Restoring the old street, the authors of the project turned it into an open-air museum.

Famous Tbilisi Sulfur Baths

Here you can have a private VIP hall, with hot and cold-water pool. Also you can enjoy massage, after massage homemade tea with marmalade will give you inexpressible pleasure. Free time..

The mount Mtatsminda and restaurant Funicular by funicular tramp station

From this spot, opens splendid view of the capital Dinner at the restaurant Funicular Complex (Georgian/European cuisine)

City of Mtskheta

Jvari monastery is located on the top of a small hill, opening the fascinating view of old capital of Georgia – city of Mtskheta. After declaring Christianity the state religion in Kartli, the cross (in Georgian – “Jvari”) - symbol of new religion has been erected there, and later, in V-VI century AD, the Church has been built. It is on the UNESCO List of the World Cultural Heritage.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is one of the most sacred places in Georgia. The first wooden church in Georgia has been built here immediately upon declaring Christianity the state religion (337). Current impressive temple has been built in 11th century and it is the biggest out of the churches built before 21st century in Georgia. According to the legend, the temple is built at the place where the tunic of Jesus Christ has been buried. 13.00 – 14.30: Lunch at a local tavern.

City tour in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is one of the most ancient city of the world. Between VII-XI centuries, while Arabs captured Tbilisi, Kutaisi was a capital of Georgia. Recently became the Parliament city as well. Due to this political events Kutaisi has been newly renovated and became very attractive. Kutaisi is also one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Its history is related with the famous mythos of Argonauts and Golden Fleece.

Bagrati Temple

was built during the rule of Bagrat III, the king of the united Georgia from the Bagration family. The erection of the church began in the 10th century, when Bagrat was not yet the king of Georgia. Over the long centuries of its existence, this building was repeatedly tried to destroy during military attacks.

The Gelati Monastery

Gelati was founded by King David Agmashenebeli. The monastery for a long time was the cultural and educational center of Georgia, with its own academy. Among the teachers and graduates of the Academy are many well-known philosophers, academic theologians, speakers and translators.

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave was formed millions of years ago. The excursion will take about 45/60 min.

Batumi City Tour

The old part of the city, which is more than 150 years old, has been completely renovated. Here the spirit of past centuries is preserved: the facades of houses are decorated with chimeras, mermaids, atlantes, caryatids. The Old Town is characterized by a combination of elements of Turkish, Russian, English and French colonial architecture.

Gonio Fortress

The surviving fortress walls and towers were erected by the ancient Romans in the 2nd century AD. E. However, archaeologists discovered on the territory of the fortress the oldest layer, belonging to the XVII century BC. E. The attraction of this place is the tomb of the apostle Matthew, located on the territory of the fortress.

Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. It is located on an area of 113 hectares, 9 km from Batumi. It was founded by a Russian botanist and geographer Andrei Nikolaevich Krasnov, brother of General Krasnov, in 1880 and was officially opened on November 3, 1912.